A DIY garage conversion by an entrepreneurial and hardworking San Diego couple.

Style: Comfortable and Calming / Size: 458 square feet (42.5 sqm)


This intelligent and hardworking couple wanted to convert their garage-shaped storage area into a granny flat. They wanted a space that could double as an Airbnb rental and a place for relatives to stay. They wanted a studio with a functional kitchen and comfortably sized bathroom. And, they wanted to do most of the work themselves. I love ambitious clients!

I measured the space and worked with the client to figure out the details of their floor plan. Once they had that floor plan, they ran with it! They completely demolished the interior walls to start from scratch.

A galley kitchen now stretches along the exterior wall and a small but spacious-feeling bathroom uses one corner. The rest of the room is given to a bed and small dining table. The space feels private and cozy but somehow also spacious.

The execution! I was so impressed by the client’s drive to get this project done. They worked nights and weekends to make the dream happen. The success of their Airbnb rental proves it was worth it.

Have a spare room or corner of your home that might work as a rental or guest space?