Meldrum Design is committed to creating beautiful spaces through sustainable, functional, and budget-conscious design.


@MeldrumDesign Ashley Hopwood Farrar


Meldrum Design is an architecture and design consulting firm serving clients all over the country. But behind the name is the face of the firm - Ashley Hopwood Farrar. She is a licensed architect and owner of Meldrum Design, and she is NOT your average architect.

”Meldrum" is one of Ashley's middle names. It winds all through the Scottish side of her family tree to Sir Meldrum in 1280. Today, the first woman born to each family inherits the name. To Ashley, Meldrum represents strength in family and the resonance of history. Plus, it's a bit of a weird name and really fun to say!


A Love of Design

I’ve been obsessed with architecture since I was 11 years old. My 6th-grade math teacher gave us an assignment one day. She handed out a big sheet of graph paper, assigned us a square footage to work with and a family size, and asked us to design a floor plan. I completed it in one day and asked for another. It sticks in my mind as the moment I knew I had to design buildings.

A Passion for Quality

Back in 2013, I was working for a typical architect and the struggle was real. Clients were paying a lot of money to be given a design that was over budget and less than functional - all so this design firm could add another pretty project to their portfolio. This architect’s ego could barely fit through the door! Within a year, I knew I had to do something different. And thus, Meldrum Design was born. I love the creativity of design but I also love knowing that my clients, consultants, and builders are treated with respect and that their projects are handled in an organized and efficient way.

Humble Expertise

Since 2014, I have led Meldrum Design in working with all types of clients to provide functional and practical design services, with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. I help establish the best team to handle each project, and I leave my ego at the door. This is your money. It’s your building. My goal is simply to get you the best possible end-product for the least amount of money. Of course, we all want it to look good, too, so while we’re talking function and budget, I’m designing the aesthetics, ensuring our creation will be undeniably beautiful.

Licensed Architect

I am a licensed architect in the state of Maine, where I’m free to design single-family residential, high-rise multi-family residential, and commercial buildings. In all other states I can continue to work on residential projects like custom homes and apartment buildings.


When you hire me, we work together to establish the best team of consultants to get the project done. We’ll find the best builder, structural engineer, surveyor, civil engineer, and any other consultant you need to get things done right.

I honor experience and strong work ethic in my colleagues and consultants, and I choose to work only with the best of the best. Since every design project is slightly different, each team is assembled specifically to meet the unique goals and challenges presented. Each team is customized just for you.


I believe that thoughtful design considers efficiency, simplicity, and durability, and more importantly, that well-designed, sustainable spaces should always be attainable. I also believe that design is about more than just aesthetics; well-designed buildings have the power to change the environment, human health, and human emotion - all for the better. 


“It has been a pleasure working with Ashley on several projects. She is prompt and timely. Her attention to detail makes plan reviews… very easy. Additionally, Ashley is gracious and generous. She always has time for me. ”



I know this is an investment for you, and I'm here to make sure it's done right.