Meldrum Design is an architecture and design firm located in Kingfield, Maine and San Diego, California. We help people create beautiful, relaxing homes that are customized for their lifestyle and priorities. 

We design and remodel homes, apartment buildings, individual apartments, condos, cottages, accessory dwelling units, and Airbnb units. 

Architectural Services

Some of the many architectural services we offer include:

  • as-built drawings
  • schematic design
  • design development
  • construction documents
  • permit documents
  • permit processing
  • floor plan consultations
  • drafting services
  • property feasibility studies
  • interior design services

Specialty Services

Meldrum Design also offers specialty architectural services, including compact and tiny spaces, energy-efficient design and sustainable green design. 

Home is where you rest, rejuvenate and create memories.

Our mission at Meldrum Design is to create a space where you love waking up in the morning, and look forward to returning to in the evening. It’s a place where you can enjoy spending the whole day and never need to “get out of the house.”

We work on all kinds of projects from brand new, ground up homes to condo decoration. Our ultimate goal is to give you a carefully crafted, customized design.  We get to know you personally so we can truly understand your dreams for your home.  From there, we begin the process of making that idea a reality that you get to enjoy every day.

Beautiful, functional design is within reach. Contact us today to set up a free consultation. 

Your home design problems - solved. 

Problem: I am building a rental unit on my property to rent on Airbnb. Can you help me design the space and get a permit?
Solution: Building codes and zoning can be tricky, and small spaces can be tough. Meldrum Design can help you maximize your space and get a building permit.

Problem: I want to build a new house and I know what I want. I might even want to DIY a little bit of it. Now I just need someone to turn it into a working drawing for pricing, permit, and construction.
Solution: You’ve come to the right place. Meldrum Design has helped lots of homeowners save money building their home, whether they want to do the project management or the construction themselves. Beautiful, functional design is within reach!

Problem: My family needs more space but we can't afford to buy a new house. 
Solution: Meldrum Design can help you rearrange the space you already have with a remodel and discover a brand new home right under your nose.

Problem: I’m not inspired to cook or eat healthy in my current kitchen.
Solution: Cooking is more fun in a newly remodeled kitchen. Let Meldrum Design help you.

Problem: When I come home, my home doesn’t feel welcoming or inspiring.
Solution: With our interior design consultation services, Meldrum Design can create a comfortable and welcoming home by selecting the perfect furniture, wall hangings, and colors to help you feel at home.