Big Announcement – I'm BACK!

Well hello. It's been a while but I have a pretty solid excuse. Drumroll please...



After 3 years of high school classes, 5 years of undergrad, 1 year of post-grad, 6 years in the big wide world, and 1 year of test taking, I finally have that beautiful little Architect's stamp. And as much as I hate to admit it, I learned A LOT while studying for those tests.

But wait! There’s more!

My WEBSITE IS BRAND NEW and so beautiful it sparkles.

I’ve been working hard to streamline my services to help you all understand exactly how I can help. Check out these pages for more info:

Services for HOMEOWNERS

Services for CONTRACTORS


Over the last nine months Meldrum Design has transformed. Husband and I have quit our perpetual gallivanting and decided to settle in Kingfield, Maine. I now have an office with bookshelves and a big computer monitor. Yay! 

But don’t worry, despite the fact that we’re settling in, Meldrum Design is still bicoastal. I've beefed up my support team in San Diego and have reps and consultants there to do the imperative "in-person" work. I travel back several times a year to touch base with my clients. San Diego friends, get at me! I’m here for you!

I’ve also developed a streamlined process to serve clients throughout the US of A. It’s not as crazy as it sounds! Check out my new gallery to see projects I’ve completed all over the country.

Pretty new GALLERY

And if you’ve ever wondered why I do what I do (or where my weirdo business name comes from), check out my About page.

ABOUT Meldrum Design

And finally, if there was ever any question about how awesome I am at my job, take a peek at my reviews.


So now that you're in the know, please spread the word: Meldrum Design is back and better than ever.

Thanks for reading. See you next month for a blog post that will teach you something about buildings! Have a lovely day. - Ashley

PS! I just opened my consultation calendar for the week of December 3rd. At this point, I have THREE time slots available. If you’re thinking of remodeling this winter, now is the time to start talking about it. Click here to set it up. The initial 45-minute consult is free.

*PPS. I am currently qualified in the state of Maine. California's license is a little more expensive and time consuming but definitely on my to-do list. Until then, I have a few architect friends who are willing to sign off on my multi-family and commercial projects on the west coast.