In Defense of Meat

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to give you this... an education on animal farming! My husband and I recently spent a week helping our good friend Katie on her farm in Rhode Island. What we learned there was totally mind blowing.

Katie Steere, as her last name indicates, has farming in her blood. A few years ago, she quit her job in finance to find a path that would make her truly happy. Despite being a former vegan, she found herself getting passionate about animal farming! These days, Katie has moved back to the family farm and practices Rotational Farming. Rotational Farming, we learned, is actively good for the environment and is even better for the animals.

I have learned that when managed properly, animals heal land instead of destroying it; something that vegetables alone cannot do.

I you are considerate about the food you eat, I highly recommend reading Katie's latest article: 

In Defense of Meat.

The information she presents is so good that it deserves a space on this construction industry blog! AND if you're interested in buying humane animal products, attend a Farmer's Market or check online for a nearby CSA. Even better, if you live in the Northeast, set up a Buying Club in your neighborhood!