Midcentury Modern Remodel

A beautiful kitchen remodel for a young and lively family.

When I first started Meldrum Design, I joined a coworking space in San Diego. Not only was it a stimulating work environment, but there were tons of incredible people working there too! About a year after joining, I hired Maggie to help me strategize my social media marketing. One day Maggie, the social media guru, asked some advice about remodeling their home. Her young family soon became clients and one year later, their house is looking gorgeous!

Meldrum Design Midcentury Remodel


Midcentury Modern. This client knew their style from the very beginning. They were so fun to shop with and did a fantastic job picking furniture and decor for their new space.


3,120 square foot home (290 sq m), 570 square foot renovation (53 sq m)

Work Done

We gutted the kitchen and demo'ed the attic to vault the kitchen ceiling. We removed two small walls to open the kitchen up to the dining room. The dining room received a facelift with new light fixtures, flooring, and furniture.


The client bought this house with the intention of renovating. The outdated, 70's era kitchen was cramped with low ceilings and terrible lighting. It was closed off from the rest of the house.

As the heart of the home, we wanted the kitchen to feel open and inviting. The client wanted the space and flexibility to entertain groups of friends but to also have family time on a quiet Sunday morning. They were very clear about what style they wanted: pure and bright midcentury modern.

My Favorite Detail

That bright turquoise backsplash. The client spotted it at a tile store we visited and immediately fell in love. It was a little beyond budget so we found bargains on other materials to make it happen. 


These clients used my services in picking interior finishes. I created this concept board to help them understand the overall design scheme.


Meldrum Design Midcentury Remodel
Meldrum Design Midcentury Remodel
Meldrum Design Midcentury Remodel

Dining Room

Is your kitchen stuck in the last century? Need a remodel or just a facelift? Call me! We can chat about what's possible within your budget.