Crazy Designs by Other Designers

A few crazy designs I have to share.

Hi friends! My last article was about my designs but, believe it or not, there are some other incredible designers out there (I know you thought I was the only one)... so here are a few very quick videos of the coolest, funkiest, most creative designs I've seen in the last few months.

Lego Dish Rack

Ben Uyeda used to be my professor. Back in 2010, we designed an award winning, hurricane resistant house in New Orleans. Ben is a creative genius and now runs an amazing website called HomeMade Modern.

In this video, he designs the coolest dish rack I've ever seen... out of Legos! I'm not sure I'll be making one anytime soon, but it's dang fun to watch.

3D Printed House!

I'm sure you've heard of 3D printers, but did you know they're printing houses?? This video was sent to me by a good friend, Garrett Jones. It features a home that can withstand extreme temperatures and only cost $10,000 to build. Is this the future of housing? Imagine the possibilities! 

Crazy Flexible Teardrop Trailer

Since our foray into RV living, many friends have approached me about buying a trailer. So when my sister, Nikki Hopwood, showed me the Happier Camper, I knew this company was going to be a huge success. The trailer interior is modular so it can adapt to fit virtually any need. You don't need more of my words, just watch the videos...

You can use it in SO many ways!!

This might be my favorite part because, well... BIKES!

Have you seen any cool designs lately? I'd love to see them! Share with me and you may just be featured in my next "Crazy Designs by Other Designers" article :)